If you know the real meaning of the words LOL, SWAG, HUD and many others, you won't ever think of using them again because they're satanic. See their meanings below.




Satan is trying all the means possible to him to conquer the world . 

He has gone ahead and came up with several phrases and words making human beings to worship him unknowingly. 

SATANISM has taken over world just like BIBLE said it will, but please don't let it taken over you.



stop using words like HUD ,WUD ,LOL ,SWAG.


Why do you have to stop? 

> > Because...

> > HUD means Heaven under Devil.

> > WUD means worship upon Devil.

> > LOL means Lucifer our lord.

> > SWAG means Satan works against GOD.

You all know that and to make this message pass all over the world and bring light to the world, please share it with your loved ones 

> > If you love GOD send this to ten of your best friends then GOD will surprise you.


> > GOD had delivered you. "Love
> > "Health"
> > " Peace"

> > e.t.c......

> > GOD really likes you

> > If you love GOD send it to 10 pple

> > If you love Devil read only.

show your love in God by sharing all over... may God bless you all 

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Mia Danielle - Jan 25, 2021, 10:36 AM - Add Reply

Note your speeches friends

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