I have fallen in love with my father and my mother is the problem

A young lady in her late 20s confessed that she has feelings for her biological father.She went on by saying that she knows her father feels the same way. 


The lady fell in love after realizing his father took extra care of her, he always made sure she gets what she wanted. He always told her that he loves her so much.Until it got real.

Her relationship with her father can be a disgrace to others but the girl sees it as a blessings. 

When asked about her mother, said she was only worried about herself and that in time her mother will be gone and the pair will have their happiest life. 

The girl went on and mentioned that she won't allow her mother to be in the way of her happiness

so she has been trying so hard to make them fight and divorce. "If they don't divorce after all this fight" I'll end her life..


Moral of the story,trust no one.Even your own baby end your life.No matter how well you teach your children,it will be up to them to go the right way and be better people. 

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