I got paid Twice from lodpress writing articles for free payments proof

I got paid for the second time on lodpress.

  There are continuous debates about lodpress been a scam or been legit, but I myself, i am doing my possible best to fight against those that are ruining the name of this genuine platform,



today been the 15th of October 2020 I have made my second withdrawal with lodpress and I've been paid $5 for the second time making my Total withdrawal 10dollars,

5 dollars can be converted to 2 thousand in naira and below is my withdrawal prove and lodpress payment proves for today's transaction.

Screenshot of payment proof lodpress 

Lodpress is very legit and my experience and research so far proves that the only reason people tag it a scam is because they Don't have the patience and endurance to get to the withdrawal amount stated on the platform,

many has also gone ahead to compare lodpress with opera news hub but common, I mean this is a new platform that is just two months old because

they started in the month of August while opera news hub at the other hand has been standing for years now.

Screenshot of Second payment proof 


 This is the second withdrawal I have made in lodpress and the second withdrawal in the month of October, my first withdrawal on the 3rd of October 2020 was also 5 dollars you can see the prove in the image above,



the proves are still fresh in hand, lodpress are working very seriously to improve their site and their platform to a higher level and the only tool

they need from you is patience as they continue to bring in new and great improvements for the writers and they are fighting to bring writers satisfaction while writing and all you have to do is to bare with them.



Also their app will be coming up very soon as that is one of the improvement that will be ignited soon on lodpress.


This content was published on lodpress. For more info visit lodpress.com

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Hope Ukaegbu - Nov 4, 2020, 11:12 AM - Add Reply

How do you get enough paid views so quickly? Most times I get over a 100 reaches but like 2 or 3 paid views.

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