"I don't want Buhari to leave", See what this man said about Buhari tenure that caused a lot of reactions on social media

In the midst of all the challenges facing the country as at the moment, it is really surprising to hear all what this sane Nigerian has spoken about all he wish for is a more improved country.

They say the patient dog eats the fattest Bone, and while a majority of citizens in the country want the remedy to the countries problems, and take action it as soon as possible so the economy might be standard again,

while a different category of individuals many others kept silent and stay calm, folding their hands and just waiting for the upcoming presidential election in 2023.



The young man by the username @chibyke  who made a comment in his Twitter account that caused a lot of reactions,

" But for those who want an immediate solution, have you gotten it? why can't we just be patience?". Says chibyke


We see Things already getting worse everyday, problems here and there from high cost of living expecially for the less privileged, lack of solid security, high rate of unemployment, and illiteracy has become one of the major causes of the countries problems.

In part of the way to resolve the issues battling Nigeria, some category of individuals had came up with the idea of protesting to see the president Buhari  resign from sit, which is will never happen.



He said in the statement posted 'I don't want Buhari to resign. I want him to force Nigerians to have sense by force". Nigerians must know that actions and inactions all have their outcome.

A majority of people finds favor in his idea, while others hauls insults on him.

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