How TSTV Could Save Nigerians Millions of Naira Paid To Multi-choice Yearly For DSTV and GOtv Subscription

Many Nigerians have breathed sigh of relief following the relaunch of TSTV Nigeria on October 01, 2020.

The newly relaunched satellite TV service provider is expected to provide serious completion to Multi-choice Nigeria Limited, owners of DSTV and GOtv.




It can be recalled that prior to the relaunch of TSTV, many Nigerians have been disgruntled over the recent hike in subscription charges by the South African owned DSTV and GOtv.

But with TSTV set to compete for the Nigerian Market, Nigeria could be saving millions of Naira on subscription charges yearly. 



It can be argued that the Monopoly of certain channels and programs which DSTV and GOtv enjoyed over the years is one of the reasons they charge exorbitant rates for subscription on monthly basis.

However, with TSTV set to introduce per as you consume option, and access to all channels irrespective of the amount paid for subscription, many Nigerian could soon be dumping DSTV and GOtv for TSTV.



The good thing about this is that it would be saving Nigerians and Nigeria as a country, millions of Naira paid yearly for subscription.

This is indeed, a welcome development that many Nigerians have been looking forward to. 

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