How to Watch GOtv on Mobile Phone – iPad, Tablet, Android & iPhone

We all know that as of today GOtv is now seconding to DStv when it comes to showing programmes and most especially programmes that engage subscribers. Just like the DStv where you can download its App and watch all programmes still on your mobile phone. Some of you want to know whether GOtv is also applicable to these mobile features.

This has been a worry with GOtv users around African, wanting to learn more on how to Watch GOtv on Mobile Phones. Well, it is true that GOtv has a Mobile App you can download but…

How to Watch GOtv on Mobile Phone

Now let’s get this right. As of now, you can not watch GOtv on your Phone. You can rather watch on a Mobile device like Walka or Drifta, which we do not have stock now.

Unlike Startimes and DStv that has their Mobile App and once you subscribe to your decoder, you can connect your card number with the mobile app and start watching any channel of your choice.

Let us say, maybe they are working on it since they already have an app. Remaining to enable the GOtv mobile channels facility. But I do not know how soon this will be.

Available GOtv Mobile Device You Need To for Watching Gotv on Mobile Phone

  • Walka 3.5i

This is a handheld television. No other device is required to view GOtv Mobile. GHS 199

  • Walka 7

The Walka 7 is a portable TV with a 7” viewing screen providing digital visual and audio quality. GHS 294

  • Drifta Wifi
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The Drifta is a mobile TV decoder that receives DVB-H signal and converts it into a Wi-Fi signal for Wi-Fi enabled viewing devices: laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones. GHS 189

  • Drifta USB

The Drifta USB is a mobile TV decoder that receives the DVB-H signal for viewing on laptops and PCs. GHS 118

  • iDrifta

The iDrifta is a mobile TV decoder that receives DVB-H signals for viewing on iOS devices. GHS 156

How To Activate Your Subscription After Purchasing the GOtv Mobile Device

  • Make sure your GOtv Mobile device is sufficiently charged & the power is on.
  • Extend and position the antenna vertically for better reception.
  • SMS the following to 4688: ACTM CASnumber yourcellphonenumber
  • CAS number begins with 4 and is found on the back of your GOtv Mobile device.
  • For example, SMS ACTM4123456 0244123456

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