How To Use More Than One WhatsApp Account On Your Android


Today i will show you How to use two different WhatsApp accounts on the same android device.


As we are all aware that WhatsApp developers restricted users from using two different account at the same time,

but with help of this trick you can do it, we are going to an android application called Do Multiple Space.


What is Do Multiple Space?

Do Multiple Space is an android application designed specifically to help users to perform or use different accounts on their phone.

with help of these app u can use more than one WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, 2go etc accounts on your android.

But why using two different accounts... some times we use two account just for us to hide from someone, just for privacy,

And sometimes we use different accounts to get some bonus just like those apps that give users bonus when ever they refer their friends to the platform or app.

you can use this app to open more account just to get referral bonus.

But advisibly do not use so to any app some app ban users whenever they find out that they are trying to cheat.





  • 1). DO Multiple Space.
  • 2). Understanding.



  • 1). Download Do Multiple Space from google play store.


  • 2). Open Already Installed Do Multiple Space application.


  • 3). Now click on plus sign.


  • 4). Choose the app you want clone and click on clone with DO Multiple Space.


  • 5). Now wait for the process to finish.


  • 6). Now click on the app and grant the app permission.


  • 8). Now wait for the process to finish.

  • 9). Chill the app will open just sign in with your second account detail.




NOTE: You can use as many accounts as you wish... just follow the process again.

That is it.... thanks

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