How To Study In Africa With a Very Cheap budget

Africa is an important component of the world's population. It is has an enormous landmass which hosts up to 50 nations, with numerous people,  lineage, tribe and dialects.

There are numerous ways to study in Africa at a cheap and subsidized way.

This is possible through scholarships and cheap (almost free) institution.

Of course, they are top colleges that global scholars can select from in Africa.

These schools offer both undergraduate and postgraduate degree disciplines in various professions and practices.

Most importantly, Africa has a very low cost of living.


Why Choose  Africa?


Handful of the rapidly thriving nations of the  world are based in Africa.

This zone is blessed with lots of dialects, culture and traditions.


Budget  Friendly Universities In Africa 


University of Cape Town


The University of Cape Town is one of the most aged establishments in the Africa.

The Citadel of  learning was established in 1929. It is situated on the hills of the gorgeous Table Mountain.

 Interestingly, the university welcomes an annual estimation of 4,000 students worldwide.


1. Commerce

2. Engineering

3. Built environment

4. Health sciences

5. Law

6. Sciences


Cairo University           

Cairo University was established in 1908. It is entirely located in Gaza and not Cairo - it is 20 km South West of Cairo.

This College is the 5th best university in Africa and welcomes about 7,000 International students.


University of Witwatersrand(Wits)


This University is indexed in the top  hierarchy of 400 best universities worldwide.

The education service provider is based in South Africa. The University operates in 5 campuses which are all based in Johannesburg.


1. Commerce

2. Law

3. Health Sciences

4. Engineering and

5. Built Environment

6. Management


American University of Cairo


The American University of Cairo is found in North  Africa - Egypt.

It was founded in 1919 and is one of the oldest  universities in the continent.

It is among the top ranked university in the country with a student poulation of 6,000.

The higher institution is widely known for having the Country's best and largest Library.


1. Business

2. Humanities

3. Social Sciences

4. Global Affairs

5. Engineering


Stellenbosch University


This University is rated among the top 400 colleges in the world.

 The school was established in 1918 and has growing student population of 30,000.

 They offer undergraduate and Postgraduate study programs.


1. Arts

2. Social Sciences

3. Science

4. Education

5. Law

6. Engineering 


Bottom line 

The above listed universities are great alternatives to study in Africa for almost free.

Choose the courses, register, make some payments and get prepared to study in one of the world's fastest  growing continent.



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