How to reduce dark under eye circles and puffiness and look younger

Almost everyone at a certain point, develops the dark under eye circles and this makes most people look more aged on the face.

However, it's easy to reduce, if not completely get rid of the eye bags follow some easy steps. To achieve this, you'll be needing only 3 ingredients. 


Used green tea bags 


 Slices of cucumber 


 Turmeric powder 


Used green tea bags:

Did it ever occur to you that your used green tea bags can come in handy? The used bags can help to reduce puffiness or dark circles around the eyes.

The caffeine content in the green tea bags helps to shrink the blood vessels around the eyes and make your eyes look brighter, more refreshed and awake. 

There are two methods you can use while making use of the tea bags. First, after making use of the tea bags and enjoying your cup of hot green tea,

before the tea bags dry, apply the remaining liquid content of the green tea bags on your dark eye circles. You can carry it for as long as you wish before washing it off.

Alternatively, you can place the wet tea bags under your eyes, lie on your back and take a nap or rest.

You can also leave this for as long as you wish before you take the tea bags off and wash your face. 

2. Two slices of cucumber  

How is this done? In the morning, place two slices of cucumber on both eyes and leave for 30 minutes or more.

Then, at night, before you go to sleep, after bathing, take a thin slice of cucumber and rub the liquid content on your dark eye circles. Wash your face the next morning when you wake up. 

 Doing this will help refresh your eyes, and the anti-inflammatory properties of the cucumber will naturally help reduce puffy tissues.

3. Turmeric powder 

Have you heard about turmeric? This ingredient is from the ginger family and is also used for cooking.

However, turmeric powder can also be rubbed on the skin to tone the skin naturally. Turmeric helps restore your natural glow, treats uneven skin tone, and makes your face bright. 

Here's how to apply it. Firstly, mix a tea spoon of turmeric powder in a little water. Your mixture should not be water so that it will be able to stick to the face.

After mixing, rub the mixture on your dark eye circles. Concentrate on the dark eye circles before rubbing the remaining all over your face.

Let it sit on your face for as long as 30 minutes or more before you have a bath. It would have been advisable to sleep with it on your face,

but to avoid staining your pillows or your bed sheets, apply it and wash it off before bedtime.  

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