How to make your woman happy everytime and live a peaceful life forever

        Firstly I will like to discuss what love is: A love is what you cannot see physical but always feel it and always occur between a man and woman, a girl and a boy...

      Beginning of love always sweet, joyful, happiness, likely and always think about love all time,

    But ending love always sad, unappy, die, heart breaking and all this can lead to death or sickness. But to avoid ending love try all this step...

Beginning of love always sweet

   What can make love strong last and                       stay forever

1. Caring:

The is what love want, love can last true caring. A man need to care for her woman and a woman need to care for his man, through that love will last and strong, man must know when her woman eat, the time she is happy the time she sad and always call her always try to move closer to her and the woman must do the same for his man

2. Joke:

The path joke take in relationship is very big and when joke, gist, paying, be between man and woman during relationship, will make relationship strong and everlasting when your woman move closer to you try to tell her a lovely story a lovely gist all the time

3. Understanding:

A woman and man must always understand themselves when argument occur between them. Understanding themselves make love strong and last forever in all the world in relationship try to understand your self and make a peaceful life

4. Sex:

Sex is a big things during relationship and always try to make love, kissing and sex in relationship.

If a man always weak in the time of sex or if he cannot do more than 30 minutes. The man should try this drug

          Long jack: if a man his using this drug, he will last during sex...




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