How to make your mobile phone charge faster and last longer

How to make your device charge faster and last longer

Reduce your screen brightness


Reducing your screen brightness can go a long way in conserving your mobile device's battery power. You might not know this, but your screen alone can consume up to 50% of your total battery power.


This is my device battery log. As you can see, the screen alone has took up to 66% of my battery power. So to keep this in check, keep your screen brightness at 50% or lower.



Close all background app

Even after exiting some apps, some of them still run in the background, it's their nature. So in order to stop them, you have to clear them

Leaving previously used apps running in the background is a common trait among elder users of mobile devices. This eventually leads to overheating and a reduction in the life span of the mobile device.



Update all apps and system software


You may ask your self, "how does this affect my battery life? " well, let me explain. If you update your apps once in a while but you don't update your system's software,

you are using more battery power to run updated apps with an outdated system software.


Using an outdated system software leads to slow charging speeds and a Low Battery life. But I got you covered, let me show you where you can update your system software.


  •  Click on your settings icon
  • Once in settings, scroll down to "about phone" and click on it
  • Then click on system update and your free to update your phone when you choose
  • Now, this is a new tip to charging that I doubt many people know. Let's see it



When purchasing a new charger adapter or charger chord, never buy a charger chord with flat wire. 

These charger chords have a rounded shape. They charge fast and last long, Take it from me.


These chords have a history of getting bad VERY quickly. They don't charge your phone very fast and they spoil quick. Purchase these type instead .


Well thanks for making it this far. Please if you found this informative, follow for more tips and please share this to friends who you think need this advice.

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Benjamin - Oct 18, 2020, 12:33 PM - Add Reply

You fool you plagiarized my article

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Lodpress - Oct 18, 2020, 7:14 PM - Add Reply

Are you sure he really plagiarized it? If that is the case is account is in trouble we need more info

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