How to make Suya spices and Suya at home.

      A lot of Nigerians love Suya ranging from young people to old people. Suya are sold at night mostly by "Mallams".


If you a Nigerian living overseas and you find it difficult trying to get that correct Nigeria suya, you don't have to worry I will be dropping the recipes and how to prepare them just like the Mallams do.

You can either make it at home or get the ingredients at any African shops. For those living in Nigeria, you can get it easily in the market.

 Ingredients needed for the spice.

* Four tablespoons of ginger powder.

* Two tablespoons of Chilli pepper.

* Two tablespoons of garlic powder.

* One onions.

* Four tablespoons of grounded kulikuli.

* Two tablespoons of bell-pepper also know as tatashe.

* 1/2 tablespoons of salt.

Mix all the Suya spices together and keep in an airtight container.

Things you need to make Suya.

- Beef or Chicken( your choice).

- Suya spices.

- Maggi

- Salt to taste.


* Rinse the beef so as to remove blood stains and germs that must have followed it from the butchery.

* Cut the beefs into small pieces.

* Mix the beef with Suya spices, Maggi and Salt.

* After mixing, arrange it on bamboo skewers.

* Grill it for twenty minutes.

  That's it, your homemade Suya is ready to serve.


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