How to make money online on time bucks

How to make money online on time buck.


Good day my beloved readers, I am here again today to introduce to you another legitimate website to make some cool cash online performing some simple tasks online. If you can be patient and read this article to the end and implement these strategies I will be telling you now, you will surely make cool money online for free. Now let's get into the article fully.


What is time buck?

Time bucks is an Australian website which works and accepts all countries, no matter where you live in, so as long as you are on planet earth you are eligible to make money on this Great website known as time bucks. This is a screenshot of what people from different countries are earning as of today



As cool as that, and if you are really serious working on this website, you can make reasonable money online just for free. Look at the screenshot of top earners today, who have put in some hard work today. But before I do that let me tell you some good news about this site. Time bucks pays and rewards the top 100 highest earners on their site for their hard work.

As you can see below, this is how top 100 earners are rewarded


The highest earner today made $11.55 and he was rewarded with a $5 bonus as a prize for his hard work as you can see on the screenshot above. So why don't you join this platform and get your own part money? lol.




What is the payment method?


They have some payment options that are so Cool but unfortunately paypal is not among those options, however the options are

  • Payeer

  • AirTM

  • Litecoin

  • Bitcoin and

  • Skrill.


Am sure most of my beloved readers must have had an account on any of this option above. But if you don't have an account on any one, just comment down below on this post, "skrill" and I will consider making a post on how to create a skrill account.


What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout is $10 and is paid automatically to your chosen or preferred payment option when once the threshold is reached. As you can see above that our highest earner on time bucks made up to $11. So it is very easy to make more than this amount in a day. So the first thing I think you should do when you have just finished signing up is to go to settings on the options below


Once you have clicked on settings, you Will be able to set your profile and payment method.

How to make money with time Buck


There are many ways to make money online on this website. Let me quickly take you through them one by one. When you click on earn you will be able to see many methods on this site to make money.



Time bucks has some good and popular third party survey companies where you can perform some surveys and get paid. If you really want to make good money on this site you should consider taking survey also.


I will not literally explain everything on this particular section of earning, but I believe you can explore this part your self. In this section we have the "videos" where you can watch some videos and get paid $0.001 per video. To to do this in a smart way, you can open up all those videos to play in the background while you do some other things. There is no much money to earn in this section because tasks available on content have very little payment which is not cool enough, although it can be use to increase more of your income. 



This is another good and profitable method to make money, this is where you are taken to all the available simple tasks to be done for cash. As you can see in the screenshot below that all the tasks available right now are worth $19 in total, meaning, if you can perform all this tasks, you can get make $19 instantly for free, and guess what, you may end up being the the highest earner for the day and get rewarded even more.


All you have to do here is to select a task you feel you can do very well and follow the instructions given to perform it and give them the proofs and earn your money.

For example, the first task there is to sign up to a website called opinion bureau. If you think you can do this, you will just have to click on view instructions and follow the instructions perfectly, just as the same way of performing tasks on picoworkers


After you might have finished doing the task by following the advertiser's instructions, you will have to scroll down to to "proof instructions" where you will be told how to prove that you have performed the job. So again, just follow the instructions and prove that the work was done, and after that you will have your $1.25 for the task when it has been verified by the advertiser. I recommend that you keep performing as many tasks as possible by following the instructions given. By this, you are sure of been approved whenever the advertiser chose to verify your work, however, it doesn't take more than a week to get your work verified. Below is another sample of tasks you can perform on this platform.




Another great Way to make money with time bucks is by referring your friends to this website and you will earn a %20 commission of thier earnings.




Most of the people you saw earlier who appeared on the list of top 100 earners on time bucks in this article make use of this wonderful method known as "sweepstakes".

Every week, time bucks have $500 prizes giveaway to people with the highest sweepstakes on the website. This is a very tight competition, but very easy to win with consistency and hard work. The first person will win $250, the second will have $50 and the third,$30. See below


The screenshot above explains how to earn this sweepstakes entries.

Another great Way of earning this entries is to click on your dashboard and you will see your daily goal check list. 

gjzNeHNn3hIbfO8lxjOnU1dke-uFhWSuhFNf5hB2pJW3hDkH1blx4FVl3ImFAAtTbJYr6uIEt7Xd3UTj6mUL-MD6h8ouzmfVMArDaKsKsh_v5AJkH08XaSBbjEJUkveahD2njcWtThis list is very important if you want to make it big on this platform because on that check list, you will be given a goal or targeted tasks to perform in different categories or sections of thier earning methods. If you can perform 5 out of 6, you will get a bonus of $0.05 and twenty thousand sweepstakes entries. If you can keep doing this for the next six days without skipping, that will earn you two- hundred thousand sweepstakes entries. 


How to register on time bucks

This is a great Way to monetize your free time and make money. If you want to register and start making money with time bucks you will have to click here now to sign up. You will have $1.200 sign up bonus when you use the link above to sign up. If you don't use this link you will not get any welcome bonus.

That's all about this great GPT site where people are really making reasonable money online for free without spending any dime.

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