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Making money online (MMO) is a platform that brings to your notice the latest, trending and simplest ways to make money online. Have you tried to make money online to no avail?, Well you have come to the right place because we have complied some easy ways for you to make cool cash online. 

Below are the most productive ways you can earn online and to help you attain your  financial freedom.





To commence this journey to financial freedom through MMO, I'll like to introduce to you an online money making platform called  "SHORTENED URL SERVICES".

Well as the name goes, it is a platform that shortens/shrinks long URL (links) into shorter ones and pays you whenever anyone goes through those shortened links/url.


All you need to do is create an account with any of the URL SHORTENING SERVICE BELOW.


Link to list of url shortening platforms


I personally recommend


Now that you have created an account with your choice shortened url platform, the next step is to go online and copy any random links,

paste these copied links into the box for shrinking url/links provided in your account and click on SHRINK and a new shortened url/link will be given to you.


Now the real work begins


Either you choose the NATURAL WAY or SMART WAY around this platform ( explanation below)


For the NATURAL WAY, all you need do is copy any of the new shortened url/link and post online for people to follow or go through. That's how you earn( this method is usually not effective because you have to do everything manually i.e by yourself)


For the SMART WAY, you'll need the services of another platform called WEBSITE UPTIME. This platform monitors url/links and tell owners when their url/link is down or active by visiting the url/link the person submitted regularly as setup by the same person.

(with this method making money online using shortened url platform will be on AUTOMATION i.e you don't have to do anything else, you just login to your shorten url platform account and watch as you earn money daily)



First of all you need to select a website uptime service to use and create an account.




I personally recommend


(well I recommend this particular one because you can setup which mobile operating system to use in visiting any of your submitted url/links)


I also recommend


NOTE: You can use my two recommendations together there's no problem about that.


The only way this SMART WAY can work is if you create an account with this WEBSITE UPTIME platforms so that you can continue to earn whether you are online or not.


When you have successfully created your account on any WEBSITE UPTIME platform, you just need to setup your url/link monitoring preference and that's how you earn.


Feel free to ask questions if you are confused or come across any hurdle remember it's completely free




Today I'll like to introduce another MMO platform called "PAIDLEAF"


Well PAIDLEAF is a MMO platform that pays you $10 = 3600 naira minimum per referral you bring to them.

The mind blowing thing about this platform is that registration is FREE and neither you nor your referrals need to pay any amount to join or earn.

All you need do is make sure your referrals provide the right/accurate information while registering.


Registration is simple as ABC, you provide your full names, username, email and password and you are done. Once you're registered and you log in, you'll be brought to your dashboard where you'll see your referral link.

Copy this referral link and send to friends to register and once each of them registers, you'll get $10 i.e 3600 naira for each person that registers. I know this may seem too good to be true but it works.


Click the link below to register on PAIDLEAF


Now once all this is done, you move to the next step which is completing some tasks laid out by PAIDLEAF, don't worry this task are pretty simple to complete.


Note: you can only withdraw after the completion of these tasks.


Now what are these tasks to be completed( you can see these tasks on your dashboard)


(1) PAIDLEAF requires you to have a minimum amount of clicks from your referral link


(2) PAIDLEAF requires you to have a minimum amount of referral that registered through your referral link


(3) PAIDLEAF requires you to complete 5 tasks from your $30 task wall ( for each task completed on your task wall, you get paid $30 that's why it is called $30 task wall)


So once all this is completed, you can then withdraw your money. 


Note: you can see your progress towards completion of all this task on your dashboard or cash out/withdrawal page


Moving forward to the NATURAL and SMART WAY around this platform;


The NATURAL WAY around this platform is to follow all steps stated above and wait for referrals to register through your referral link.


The SMART WAY around this platform is what I call "DO IT YOURSELF" method. In this method you do everything including referring yourself in the sense that you create multiple accounts going through your own original referral link.


Note: you must be really causious/careful while using this method, so please follow my instructions to the later.


First step to creating multiple accounts as referrals under you is generating the informations needed to create a PAIDLEAF account that is FULL NAMES, USERNAME, EMAIL AND PASSWORD.


Don't worry I have the perfect solution to this, follow the link below to generate random emails with personal information.


As you can see from the link above, you can generate random EMAILS with FULL NAMES, USERNAME AND PASSWORD. To generate new personal information just click on "GENERATE" 


Now all you have to do is copy all the needed details into PAIDLEAF account creation page after you must have gone through your own original referral link.


Note: After creating each PAIDLEAF account you "MUST" clear browser cookies before creating another PAIDLEAF account.


Follow all the steps above and see yourself become FINANCIALLY FREE.


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