How to make cornflakes at home easily

Cornflakes is really one of the most loved grain of children just as grown-ups. There are numerous brands of cornflakes and corn pieces is really one of the main grains. Cornflakes accompanies alot of additives and added substances.



Wouldn't you say you can make yours liberated from additives and added substances? 

Here's a straightforward formula you can make at home. 


1. 1½ cup cornmeal 

2. 1 tablespoon  sugar 

3. ½ tablespoon salt 

4. 1 tablespoon vanilla concentrate 

5. water



1. Preheat your broiler to 350F. Line a heating sheet with material paper and add little oil to it. 

2. Combine your cornmeal,sugar and salt. 

3. Include the vanilla concentrate and water gradually while stiring until the combination is smooth and thin(not excessively thick).

Include little water if the blend is excessively dry. Blend it to resemble a flapjack combination. 

4. Empty the combination into the container you lubed and spread out on the skillet. 

5. Blend the remaining ½ cop of cornmeal with 1 teaspn of water. Blend until the combination appears as though bread scraps. 

6. Sprinkle the cornmeal scraps on the blend in the container. 

7. Prepare for 10-15mins until the batter has dried and split. 

8. Eliminate the plate from the stove and lower the warmth. 

9. Allow the dish to cool. At that point tear and break the batter into little chips. 

10. Set the skillet back in the stove and permit to prepare for about 45mins or until fresh and brilliant. 

11. Let it cool totally before utilizing. 

Furthermore, that is the manner by which to make cornflakes at home. 

This formula tastes simply extraordinary like the business cornflakes you know. The main contrast is that they're no added substances or additives.

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