How To Make 30,000 naira This December (N1,500 daily) kriseven

This year has been full of Ups and downs due to the Lockdown and many other issues that rose up across different nations of the world. This led to great financial challenges.


I know many may be scared now because a lot of scammers came and duped people of their money.

I have been on the research for a platform where we can make a passive income that is real and legit.


They pay daily so well and I have evidences here. You can still do further research if you don't believe me. But, I counsel you to join on time so you can start making your own cash.


 I found this site trusted and reliable. They pay you #1,500 daily even without referral. If you refer a person to register, you'll get N1,000 bonus per person you refer.

Their withdrawal is easily processed and you can withdraw once your money reaches a threshold of #2,500.

All you need to register is a fee of #2,000 which will remain in your account balance. You are ready to start receiving daily right?




1) Open your Chrome or Internet Browser. It's advisable that you use Chrome.


2) Click on this link!!


3) Allow it to load, then proceed to Sign Up with your details.


Note:- Let your Registration name be same as that on your Bank account.


3) After signing up. You'll see three icons underneath the page. You will go to the Icon tagged "Me"


4) Inside "Me", you will select Promotion. Then proceed to Recharge. Don't select any of the packages as you will not see #2,000 package there. Type #2,000 in the space there and make payment.


5) Once you are done making Payment, You are done. Get your referral link and start referring people, you get #1,000 for each person you refer. 


Note:- This doesn't affect your daily #1,500 from the site.



1) Withdrawal on this site is not hard. Just make sure your Bank account name is what you used to register because that is where they pay too. 

2) Click on withdrawal when your money reaches 2,500 minimum. 


For more details.. you can message me on Whatsapp.. go to my author page Here

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