How to make $10 everyday working online with your smartphone

How to make $10 everyday working online.



Good day my esteemed readers, today we will be discussing a website that can make you up to $10 a day performing some simple tasks online. If you are a fan of making money online, then this article is recommended for you. Just take some cool soft drinks and relax while I teach you an effective strategy to make some cool cash online. Making money online can be a bit difficult without proper information and strategies.


What is this website:

The website we will be talking about here in this article will be picoworker. 


What is picoworker?

Picoworker is a crowdsourcing or freelancing site, where different companies post a bunch of tasks which need to be carried out by the workers or publisher. Below is the screenshot of their "about us" page


So basically, the platform is just a mediator between freelancers and business owners. They have two accounts which are the employer's account and the worker's or freelancers account. But I told you earlier we are here to make money not to spend money so we are focusing on freelancing or worker's accounts.


How to withdraw on picoworker: 

Picoworker has up to 4 withdrawal methods which are shown on the screenshot below


The minimum payout is just $5. When once you make up to $5 you can choose to withdraw. For those in countries where paypal is not working, you can comment below "paypal tutorial" . Let me write an article on how to open a verified paypal account in any restricted country.

Is this platform worldwide?

Picoworker is accessible worldwide, there are lots of tasks for you no matter which country you live in. However, there are tasks available for a specific country and there are tasks available world wide. Do not perform any task that the employers stress that it is for a particular set of countries so as not to get banned.


The nine rules of picoworker 

When you sign up on picoworker as a new member, there are nine rules you have to follow so as not to get your account banned. Below are the rules they will give, I call it the nine commandments.


How to perform tasks on picoworker successfully:

The most important and crucial part of this article you have been actually waiting for is finally here. I am going to reveal powerful and working strategies on how to perform tasks here very successfully. I will advise you that you take your first 25 tasks very seriously. Always take time to make sure you don't make mistakes while performing any task. Picoworker has different categories of tasks. Which are shown below



If you check the first screenshot above you will see a list like

  • Category

  • Sub category

  • Payment

  • Location and so on

Let me start by explaining the location.

Location will just help you filter tasks that are available for your country or region.


Payment will help you filter tasks based on the are allowed to do task ranging from $0.02 to $1 per task. Also note that tasks with higher amounts of payment require more time to complete and are more complicated than the ones with low payment.


Like I said earlier, they have a lot of tasks in different categories. If you click on category, it will take you down to the second screenshot above where you will be able to see tasks like 

  • Sign up

  • Search click and engaged

  • Telegram

  • Discord

  • Video marketing

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Twitter and so on

For me, I frequently do Facebook marketing task, instagram and video marketing task but I will explain some other categories as well.


Video marketing category

Performing task on picoworker is as simple as abc. To succeed on this platform you need to be focus and diligent. The amount of money you will make on this platform all depends on the hard work you are ready to put in. If you can put in 3hours or 2 of your day performing tasks on this platform you can make up to $3 or even  $5 a day depending on how fast you are in completing tasks. You can make up to ten dollars if you put in more hours to work. The most important thing on your mind should be on how to take time and perform your task very well as requested by your employer not how much you will make as this mindset will help you perform your task perfectly well following each step required by your employer. 

Video marketing tasks is all about performing tasks that has to do with watching YouTube videos, as simple as that could be. Making money online with picoworker is very fun. Let me show you an example below

Rj911a4gkl53f3ppfR9vADGHVclC7qz7YhgXTEhjALWv5b3wlLMijmWtFmHgjUQrmuBJq14-BkedcinNnqwPTIaG58K6yX9y8xg5vvLbdxYL7nRCy76MihqaM64GHlmohRQuAgNlThe screenshot above is an example of video marketing task. In this situation what you will do first is to click on the link in number 2. This will take you to their  youtube thumbnail so that when searching for the username "Ivan Ramirez '' you will click on the result with that thumbnail. After seeing how their thumbnail looks, you will have to go to youtube and search for Ivan Ramirez.

When you find the channel with that thumbnail, simple, you start performing your task right away. So you first of all subscribe to that channel, turn on the notification bell icon and set it to all. With all these done, you have performed your task and the next thing is to prove to them that you have done your task so you can have your money. When you scroll down you will see this 

xEyJmQXxBnvF6NBLIY76ARfVRF8Ihk10Pv2eWPuuPROQULlSXYRdjCzPnYndXi5Yz0Qmo44ozQmR93bZNjCetuF3Oij_xaeYk-Rjie0mTc_D8uFhoHT9_OoPvgMIyR7v4eyJQQh3This is actually a series of actions you have to take to prove to them that you have performed your task. Don't worry, they are very simple, easy and fun. Just imagine, you are staying in the comfort of your room playing some cool music in the background while performing this simple task to earn some cash, by this you have already turned your living room into an office, isn't that cool? Let's continue

In the area below in the screenshot above, you are required to put in your proves, and am going to show you how to make those proves right away.

  • The first thing they ask you is your youtube username, I hope we all know our youtube username.

  • The second proof is the URL to your youtube channel, this may sound a little bit confusing to some people. But I will explain how to get the URL to your channel. If you know your URL just put it there.


  • The third thing required from the worker is to insert the link to the employer's youtube channel. And that's all, you have made your proof. Your money will be transferred immediately into your pending balance. When it is verified by the employer, your money will move directly to your earned income. However, if the employer does not verify the work after seven days, the money will move automatically to your earned income.


How to get the URL to your youtube channel

This is very simple for those who don't know how it can be done. First you need to go to youtube on your smartphone (for smartphone users) 


k4MyuOMBgch2AgX9mBLlRcx9Tc4yf9DJKfmxt-c3Zmqn0GFuOe3mTQIVys7HfqE_q8HPdH9nu8cFV5XGXp4HS0QGqf0TG4MQDUAz9qf1dudhq_TeJU3faCE-wYRo_E8h8fBkGHnTWhen you are on youtube, it will look like what you are seeing in the screenshot above. The next thing you have to do is to click on the icon with orange color on the top right corner. It will take you to a place like this below



When you're here, click on your channel, it will take you to something similar to this below


Your next step is to click on more about this channel. It will finally take you to your channel URL. This is mine below


When you are here, all you have to do is to copy the link and paste it on your notepad document, so you can use it when you need it.

How to sign up on picoworker:

Finally, to sign up on picoworker is very simple. click here to sign up to sign up.

Signing up is so simple, just put in your details and you are good to go. 


Note: signing up through my link above will give you the opportunity to earn a welcome bonus. 


If you find this article helpful please do well to give me a like. If you want to make money online in 2022 just follow me for more interesting and working strategies to make some cool cash online. 

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