How to loose belly fat in just a week

There are different healthier ways to loose weight especially belly fat.keitumetse is the first girl to discover a way to loose weight fast within period of a week.using guava leafs and lemon. 


Guava provides several health benefits and it is rich in vitamin c lycopene and antioxidants that are beneficial for human loosing weight can be a struggle quava leafs can help.




Using guava leafs tea it's another simple way to loose weight fast without strict diet or exercise.this herbal tea must be consumed in the morning before break fast .so it can burn belly fat quickly.


This is how you must prepare your guava leafs tea.

Rinse your guava leafs properly make sure is well cleansed and with no bacteria.

Add you clean guava leafs in a pot and at 2 cups of water boil until the leafs are brownish in color then drink while is still hot like any green tea.

This must be repeated daily for best can stop drinking this whenever you reach your body goal.


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Mahlatse - Oct 17, 2020, 6:01 PM - Add Reply

I have a quava tree in my yard,I'll give it a try

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