How to get more space on your phone without deleting your favorite apps.

Usually, when we buy a new phone we always look forward to some certain specifications, like, the camera quality whether it is 13 megapixel or 24 megapixels, we also look forward to the RAM, if it is more than 2GB RAM or not, and many others.

Nevertheless, whatever your desired specifications is, every person out there looks forward to a phone with large memory capacities, in fact it is what prompt our decision to buy certain phones or not.


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This is because, phones with large memory capacities enables us to, download our favorite games and applications, or even request our friends to transfer certain interesting movies. 

However, in the long run, according to the law of diminishing return, the memory space begins to decline or say decrease, you phone begins to look congested, and then all of a sudden our phones begin to request for more space to be cleaned up or provided before accepting a new application or movie. 

At this point some of us are confused and are faced with a dilemma, like myself, what I used to do in the past, is to delete some old applications, even though I may end up needing those files or applications in the future. 

It is quite painful to loss some precious apps simply because we want to bring in new ones. 

So what did I learn to do about this situation? Very simple, in this guide I shall lead you through how you can save up more memory space on your android phone without deleting your favorite apps and files. 


Without wasting your time let's zoom in to business. 

I. When you discover your phone is running low on memory, the first thing to do is to locate your settings icon in the phone.

II. Click on settings and quickly scroll down to storage. 

III. Click on the storage and it will display two or more options, usually for many phones you will see Internal and external storage. 

Except you have an external storage inserted in your phone you can simply skip and go to the internal storage. 

IV. When you click on the internal storage, it will display some options like, Music, file, Games, video, images, cache data, etc,.

V. The first thing I do, and I recommend you do is to clear up the cache data, the cache eats up space as wild fire. 

Click on the cache data and click on allow (this varies depending on the phone product) it will free so much consumed space in just some few seconds. 

Note: the cache data should be cleared every few hours for it is running consistently as you make use of your phone. 

VI. Click on file after clearing your cache data, this icon will take you to many folders that have been created automatically by the operating system of your phone,  here there are many folders like I have pointed out, carefully click on the folders one after the other and delete unnecessary language created in the folders. 

These part of the file eats up to 10GB worth of space, you should also delete some of these folders as they also consume data as well. 

Note: this is not a permanent solution, you should always come back to reapply the stated guide here on your android phone, and this can be done every month or two. 


Another option I usually employ when I'm faced with the problem of low space and I want to download new game or apps from play store, is by "FREEZING". 

You can as well freeze some apps that are not needed at the moment and then download or accept new apps, one advantage of this method is that it helps you retain old apps while accepting new ones. 

Simply click on the main menu of your android phone, it will display all the applications on your phone, from this point you can simply press on any application or game you want to freeze  for about 2 seconds, it will display the option to either to remove or freeze the app, just click on freeze and the app will be frozen until you want them back. 

If you wish to retrieve frozen apps, click on Frozen apps on the your phone, it usually on the display screen before the menu, select the application you want to unfreeze and then you have your old app back again. 

Henceforth, you shouldn't delete your favorite apps simply because you want to welcome new babies(applications). 

Thank you for your time, please don't forget to share and follow for more updates. 


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