How To Get More Likes on Facebook and Instagram

Have you found that whatever you do on Facebook, you can't get many likes? I'm going to share with you one simple hack that can get you 1,000 likes or more on Facebook, in less than two hours. This hack also works for Instagram and other social platforms.

Not a hundred likes, over 1,000 likes in less than two hours. You won't even have to spend a dime to use this method.

So what is this simple hack that'll get you over 1,000 likes? Ladies and gentlemen, this platform is called "Mobile Monkey". It is a free traffic platform that can skyrocket your Facebook page or account views and likes.

Here's what I learnt by using it; First of all, most people make use of chatbots like intercom or drift which cost a lot of money to send traffic to your social media. Why not use a free and effective solution that can help your Facebook and Instagram traffic grow rapidly.

So go to mobile monkey, sign up and add their chat bot to your social media. You can chat with people using these bots and they'll subscribe automatically to your messenger list. This method is very effective, especially if you're running a business on Facebook or Instagram.

Best of all, they do this without GDPR issues. From my understanding, they have articles on their site about GDPR related issues, but they are compliant. So as you're getting in more people, you'll notice that you're building up your fan base or an audience for your business. Think of it as an email base, except it's on Facebook which is more convenient. 

Another thing is, you can link your mobile monkey chat bot to your Facebook or Instagram fanpage. You can do something called a "notification blast" which alerts all your Facebook page followers or friends about your latest posts. Encourage them to like and comment on your post. I really hope this article was helpful. Sign up to mobile monkey. 


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