How to get fat using just eggs and milk Gain weight

The same way some people are looking for how to lose weight, some are also looking for how to gain weight. Losing and gaining of weight can prove to be very difficult most times.


Gain weight with Egg and Milk 

It's easier for some set of people to gain weight faster than some others. Some people need to eat a lot before any sign of weight gain can even start showing.


Some however don't even need to eat too much before they add weight. One of the reasons why people gain weight at different rates can be associated with their gene.




Some set of people have more tendency of getting fat than others. 

If you're reading this article and you wish to gain weight easily; here's what you need to take.



The ingredients are listed below:

One egg


A sachet of milk (that is if you decide to use powder milk)




Here is how to go about the procedure:

Grab a clean cup and spoon. Break the egg into the clean cup and whisk well. If you'll be using powder milk, then you need to pour it inside another clean cup and add a little amount of water



Mix the powder milk and the water together until the milk is fully dissolved in the water. After this, pour the milk and water mixture inside the other cup that contain the whisked egg.


Mix the egg and the milk together until they're properly dissolved.


However, if you'll be using milk that is in liquid form, then you don't need to go through this particular process.


All you just need to do is pour a substantial amount of the liquid milk inside the egg and mix it well until they're both properly dissolved.

After mixing it, you can now drink it. If you're doing it for the first time, it might upset your stomach. This will stop after the second or third trial.


To efficiently gain weight, prepare and drink this mixture morning and night for a month. Thank you.


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