How to earn on Yandex.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Beautiful leaders of tomorrow, today in my article I'll be talking about how to earn cool money  on Yandex app. That's quite awesome right? Before you can earn on Yandex you'll have to perform the available task in the home page.

Now lets start from how you earn on yandex app. Provided you have a PayPal account Skrill and the payment methods provide you can earn on yandex app and withdraw your earnings when you reach the minimum withdrawal. As you can see in the image below that's my earnings some couple of days.

Earning on this app is very easy and not stressful. 

All you have to do is take field surveys where you'll have to describe an image below using options in the question. The field surveys are mostly animals on anpica pictures your job is just to tick the right answer that's correspondence to the image the after you're done you submit for review, the review might take up to a hour or a day or days but not up to a week.

While the other surveys is map surveys, the map surveys is just in your location where ullu be ask to take a walk on your environment for some minutes after that you can submit the task, there's also a survey that as to do with recording or filming yourself in your device with the front camera for like 15 seconds after u're done then submit for review and after reviewing you get credited on your earning dashboard. Just like it is shown in the image.This are example of task you'll be taking on the Yandex app.

If you have a PayPal account pls I'm advicina to install this app and start earning on it, and make sure it's a PayPal that accept all types of payment worldwide, you can use this link to create a free PayPal.

And in case you're interested In this app this is my referral link and don't forget to use my code when registering.

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