How to Earn Money with WeChat – Leveraging on the JD In-App Purchase Group

JD in-purchase group application process: everyone can be the owner of JD WeChat in-purchase group to make money!

How to be on a WeChat group for JD internal purchase agent? How much money can I earn as a group owner of JD WeChat in-app purchase?


These are questions so far entertained. But first, you need to know how to earn money sharing links on the JingDong App.

So, I think you have this need at this moment, so today this article will hit your pain point directly. Now, apply for an in-app purchase group from the official JingDong and operate it for free. The tutorial is very simple and everyone can understand.


Many online shoppers only know that the things in the JD WeChat in-app purchase group are cheap.

The same product we buy in the JD APP and the in-app purchase group are completely different prices. What is the trick here? In fact, this is caused by poor information.


This kind of information gap is not a loophole, because JingDong officially has an in-app purchase platform, but many people are blocked due to news.

JD’s official in-app purchase applet, invitation code: bw74op, you can scan the code on WeChat to enter the experience.

I have already made more than $400 from this official in-app purchase applet. For details, continue to see below.



▪ The Charm of the Applet

After the WeChat scan code is entered, it is basically the same as JD Mall, except that you place an order from the mini program and add things to the shopping cart,

and then jump to the official JD mini program. You will be surprised to find that the price has become cheaper.

The method of use is also very simple. First find what you want to buy on, copy the title, and then open the WeChat applet.

Once you enter, the in-app purchase applet will prompt you whether to search for the product you copied, click search and you can see how much is the discount for the goods you want to buy, whether there are coupons, etc.

For example, I searched for the “refrigerator” operated by JD. You can directly see the in-app purchase price of the applet, and directly save more than 800 Yuan (you can also verify it).

If your friend wants to buy this product, share it directly on his WeChat, as long as he enters you can directly earn more than 800 yuan by purchasing. This is the charm of the JD in-app purchase applet.

▪ Creating the Group

Everyone in the internal purchase group can join for free, provided that you just pull dozens of people and build a group at will.

I don't think it is difficult. officially requires that when the number of WeChat in-purchase groups meets 80 people, the WeChat assistant,

which is the rebate robot, can be activated, and then it can automatically send preferential products to the WeChat in-purchase group.
There is basically no pressure to open this step.

Many ordinary people just pull a group and change the name of the JD WeChat in-app purchase group.

▪ How Much Can I Earn as Owner of JD WeChat in-app Purchase.

The main purpose of JD’s official mini program this time is to create a social e-commerce,

so we invite people around us to join the platform and will also give cash rewards and shopping commissions. For example, at the beginning, 10 people will be invited to give some tokenise cent ($0.7).

At this time, you will directly get the shopping guide. When a clerk becomes an intern store manager, when upgrading a 2-star store manager, the platform will give $8.9, and a Samsung store manager will give $14.9. The highest reward is $1,493. It can be said that we invite friends to join and there are two benefits.



In other words, when we set up a JD WeChat in-purchase group, it is not necessary for someone to buy things, but we recommend the mini program to the prospective buyer and invite them to make purchases, so you will also make money.

▪ Benefits of the Group Creation & How to Start

The source of commission for group owners of JD’s in-purchase group is also relatively simple. As long as someone in the WeChat group buys your things, that is, the product automatically sent by the robot in the group or the tweet link generated by yourself, you can directly see it in the background of the applet. So the purpose of your group is to let users place orders to buy things. They feel that buying things from the in-app purchase group is affordable, and you also get a part of the commission. Therefore, the JingDong WeChat in-app purchase group is a mutually beneficial relationship.

When I first started as a JD in-house purchase group, the application process was very simple. Contact JD’s official customer service in the mini program, add customer service, and he will guide you, and then help you bind the JD’s assistant. The assistant will be in the group automatically for half an hour. You don’t have to worry about what kind of goods you send once. The day the little assistant joined, I made an order. I was very excited when I saw commission income in the background, so I also shared this channel with everyone. The focus is on the official JD project, so there is no need to charge a cent; it is free to join, as long as you act, you will definitely gain something!

▪ In Conclusion

In this era of material desire, follow the trend of the project, and sniff some bonus projects that others don’t know.

I believe you can also reap your own pot of gold. We do not seek to get rich, but at least make some pocket money.

Though, it was not in vain, I worked hard! The JD WeChat in-purchase group owner makes money for this project, which is supported by JD’s official full process to join for free — so give yourself a chance. You will know the effect only after you try it.

If there are still people who do not understand the “ internal purchase group application process”, please consult the customer service in the JD internal purchase applet, or consult me.

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