How To Earn $2000 Daily With Your Smartphone

Guys big news I am about to share with you the latest and best way to claim free $2000 today just by using your smartphone and following the simple task to get your own $2000 today. Now what am sharing with you is this latest Airdrop that has been paying alot of people and it's called PAXG Airdrop.

Now 1 PAXG is worth = $1900 and in this Airdrop you can claim up to 1 PAXG thats free $2000 just by completing a few task crazy right. I know this might sound like a scam but guys trust me this is 100% legit and paying so grab your while it's still paying, cause there was an Airdrop that passed me by when I didn't believe it was real they were giving out $2000 free and now i regret not joining so join this and don't regret not joining.

          How To Join Airdrop

1. You need to have Telegram app on your phone click here to download Telegram app

2. After downloading the app open it and create an account by providing some of your info and verifying your phone number

3. Then click here to open the Airdrop on Telegram

4. After opening the link press "Start"

5. After pressing start press "Join Airdrop" then complete the task by joining there channel and group

6. After joining the channel and group press Done after you press it, it will bring up a congratulation message

7. Then in the option menu press "Submit my details" then you will need to enter your PAXG wallet address

8. For this you will need Trust Wallet app click here to download the Trust Wallet app if you don't have it

9. After downloading the Trust Wallet app open it and create your wallet then make sure to save your recovery keys well

10. Then press the symbol on the right hand side of your Trust wallet account and search for PAXG then enable it to add to your wallet

11. Then go and copy your PAXG address and submit it to the Bot as your PAXG wallet address.

12. After submitting your address to the Bot you will receive a congratulation message then press "Proceed" in the option menu and you are done

How To Claim Free $2000 Worth Of PAXG

1. After joining the Airdrop and completing the task you will be giving a bonus of 0.5 PAXG for free

2. You can earn more just by pressing referral in the option menu and referring your friends all you need to do is refer only 10 people and you've gotten 1 PAXG worth = $2000

How To Withdraw From PAXG Airdrop

Just press the Withdrawal button in the option menu and you will be paid directly to your Trust Wallet.

Now know that you can swap your PAXG for Ethereum or you can sell it. If you are interested in selling contact 07048110699

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