How to download paid or premium versions of apps or games for free

Android phones aren't something that came this year or last year, it came some years ago and in every Android phone or phone in general be it the famous Nokia torch light or the latest IPhone,

there is something common in all. That common feature used by billions today are the applications. 


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There are millions of apps available across the Google Play store and the App store providing various functions.

From the popular social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc to gaming apps or simply games, in our daily lives, we use applications for different things because they help to solve a different set of problems. 


But sometimes, there's a problem especially for those who don't feel it's a good idea to spend money just to gain access to an app. And that problem involves the issue of paid mobile applications. 


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Yes, there are different apps performing specific functions but some are so good that they need to be paid for maybe because of the budget used in making the app,

so the concept will be that "why get this for free when the company has put a lot of money into it. "

This is the case in some popular mobile applications like Gta San Andreas or vice city and other great apps. 

So the question now is: "how do we bypass this payment process?" The answer is pretty simple: "go download a mod apk version." Mods are simply modified versions of an application be it a normal application or a game.

Mods contain the main app with an addition of some special features. These special features might be getting a paid feature of an app or a paid app for free like getting the premium versions of apps for free or getting extra money, gold, diamonds in games for free and sometimes mostly in unlimited quantities.

Mods are no new thing for most gamers out there. The question most times is: "why pay for something when you can get it for free?"



Now I have explained what mods are but now, how do get them? There are a lot of apps or websites across

the internet where you can download these mods but unfortunately not all of them may be secure or actually work so I will share that which I use.

I use the website : to download my mods. I've used it for years and had no security issues.

The website is nice and provides new mods every day in the "home section. " It contains a wide variety of apps and games. For example:


GTA San Andreas which costs N2500 on playstore can be downloaded for totally free on rexdl. 

GTA Vice city which costs N1800 on playstore can be downloaded for totally free on rexdl. 



The website is smooth and has a minimal amount if not no ads at all. It classifies all its apps and games into different categories so you can find what you need and it's mods are great from having premium to paid apps to diamonds,

gold or money in apps for totally free. Some websites just give a certain type of mod but this website is truly great and easy to use. 



This is an example to show how to use the website, please read till the end so you don't download the wrong thing. 

I will show you how to download GTA San Andreas which costs N2500 as shown above on playstore fir totally free. 

So… Let's begin. 

The process for most of the apps you will download is the same. 


1. First go to your browser, I'm using Chrome browser but any at all can be used. 

2. Click on this link to take you to the website or type manually on the search bar. 


3. You will arrive at the home page. Click the magnifying glass button to open the search bar then search for any app or game you want (in this tutorial, I'm searching GTA San Andreas.) 




4. It will take you to a page. Click on "read more" when you see it. 



5. You will be taken to a page where the app or game will be described and how to install is stated then when you scroll down, you see a button: "Go to download page, " click it. 



6. You will then be taken to the main page where you download. 


Read carefully so you understand what to click. 


I. The first button above just downloads the app file which is the app you will see on your phone. As you can see, it is stated version 2.0 which is the latest. Download it if you don't want extra money in the game.


II. The second button above downloads a mod app file which is like that explained above but with extra money or unlimited stuff. 

III. The 3rd button above downloads the data file which is the file that contains the game settings and everything and must be downloaded.

The app file is just a more physical and reasonable representation of it. This version is the latest. The Android version is also specified. The buttons with no text aren't buttons  ignore them. 



IV. The first button above downloads the app file of a lower version 

V. The second button above downloads the lower version of a data file.    


All these other buttons are links to other apps as seen in the names. 

For large sized apps like this game, just like any other website, you have to download the app and data file.

The app file will be installed normally while the data has to be placed in a certain folder as shown in the "setup section" of the page mentioned in step 5 above.

Sometimes the obb file comes in a zip folder so you unzipit, get the folder and copy it to the "obb" folder in the "android" folder in your internal storage in your android phone. 



This process may sound complicated but it isn't. Small sized apps come in app versions only but you have to chose whether you want a modded version or normal version and then install. 


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This article is for educational purposes only. Thank you. 




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