Many business owners and individual will want to have their websites. 

Websites varies depending on what you are using it for. We have the E commerce, Blog, Portfolio etc. 


Build Business 


But getting a website these days is usually costly, first is cost of hosting and another is the cost of the website manager and designer. Having a website will cost you at least 30k. 


But what if you can have it for free and still be effective. 

Though it is not really for free but almost free. 

With the use of CMS(CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS) You can have a very good website of yours. Example of these are WordPress and Wixsite. 


Now I will be focusing on Wixsite. For Wixsite you can create using your computer and at the same time using your Smartphone. All you need is download the app wixsite from your store. 

I guess this helps. 

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