Buccess is the process where person becomes satisfactorily good and affluence, success is when people or person overcome or got a victory over what he/she want to achieve in life,

Success is the endeavours of every reasonable individuals everybody want to succeed but there are some certain obstacles that are that makes them stagnant.



DETERMINATION: determination is a great force that will make you to succeed in life, you have to determined in your heart that you want to be a successful person, determination is like a planning so when planned to succeed and follow the steps consecutively you may succeed.


SELF-CONTROL: you have to control yourself in everything you are doing, don't spend extravagantly but spent wisely.

POSSITIVE THINKING: you have to get a possitive thinking that you can achieve what you want to achieve, don't think negativity because negativity will discouraged you to succeed, therefore you have to think possitively.


LEARN FROM FAILURES: even though you fall don't remain there but arise vigorously, then thing why have I fall when you get the answer then take correction,

is like a student that falled his examination but never loose heard until he give his attention in one place and fulfill his goal by passing the exam for the second time.

SEEK KNOWLEDGE: seek and find what to do in order to succeed, don't remain quite without inquiring something that will help, meet someone that knows than you then he will direct to a simple way to succeed.

BE COURAGEOUS: you have to be courageous in everything you are doing don't be coward but be brave and courageous to achieve your goals and be successful in life.

BE DELIGENT: don't be lazy but deligence in everything your doing without deligence you can not be successful in life, so you have to be deligent in order to achieve your goals and objectives that will qualify you to succeed in life.

BE PRAYERFUL: prayer is the key that will open the doors of your success, pray deligently and fervently then you will succeed in your endeavors.

HAVE A GOOD FRIENDS: to succeed in life you need to have a good friends, because bad friends are corrupting the good manners, but when you have a good friends you will always discussing something that is morally good for your edification and success.

RESPECT PEOPLE: respect is very significant in the society, if you are respecting people you will become popular and people will admire and favour you when they  become something,

thyt will not forget but always remembering you for good, therefore don't despise people respect everybody and be humble, then people will always pray for you to succeed and it shall be well unto you.


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Edidiong Ekanem - Dec 3, 2020, 3:07 AM - Add Reply

Great and Educative

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