How This Lady Did This One Thing To be Financially stable.

After her NYSC, she struggled for over a years just to get the job and things were really turning out bad for her financially when she got the job. She was always begging for financial support just to meet her daily needs. The whole thing was really turning out to be a real insult and shame for her.

She was the second best graduating in her class, she felt she deserve more than all the unnecessary jobs with lower than 200,000 naira coming her way.

She felt downgraded by that kind of salary but now there was none to pay that amount anymore and the country's economy is not really in a good shape.

When it dawned on her on how she threw away opportunities, she began to regret her actions. She began sending CV's here and there but no one to help not even the family members anymore. She tried all she could but couldn't get any.

As the situation got worse, she kept trying for over two years till she finally found one but was ready to pay her 40k as monthly salary, she jumped to pick it just to support the family because things were getting really bad that her father just lost her job. The job she got came at the right time to support the family.

While she worked for over a year, she struggled to save a penny but survived more on daily tips. It dawned on her that she needed a change.

She attended her place of worship and got this unique mystery that can make her rich. She needed to do this one thing that will make a change. She vowed to give it a try with faith. When she collected her pay for the month, she paid everything to her place of worship. She did so continuously for the next four months with faith and in the fifth month a miracle happen.

One of the company she submitted CV years ago called her for interview and they picked her straight away and increased her salary more that ten-times,

bonuses in dollars, gave her apartment and a personal driver for the car she was given and that was how she became financially stable.

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Just obeying a simple principle can turn you from a pauper and being rich. This lady today is rich and travel abroad with her family for vacation anytime she likes. A story change to glory.



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