How my dream came to pass in relation to Israeli-Palestine conflict and why Nigeria should steer clear.

I had a dream on Monday, May 3rd 2021 about events to come which i posted on the platform between 6th/7th of May, 2021, but it was approved on 13th may, 2021.

In the dream, there was a great explosion and the smoke from it rose very high up in the sky. In a later development, when people were going out,  they were turned back by the police. 

Suddenly, something like a very hot whitish substance started falling from the sky and if  it lands on any building not strong enough, the building collapses. 

This made people run for shelter and they were trapped wherever they were for weeks. If any one made any attempt to run from wherever they were, the substance might start falling again and the person might not have another shelter to hide again having left the previous one.


This is a summary of the dream i had on Monday, May 3rd, 2021 which i posted on 6th or 7th of the same month but was approved on 13th of May, 2021. 


My initial thought was that this will happen in Nigeria. Not knowing it was not to be. It was when the news broke that missile was launched into Israel but was intercepted by the iron dome, that was when i was able to make reference to what i saw.

But how does this affect Nigeria I begin to wonder? 

The supporters of each country clashed outside of Israeli consulate in New york. The conflict is already escalating in middle eastern countries and others now. 

Nigeria should stay away totally from interference, that is one of the reason how it concerns us. This should start from people watching the type of comment they will make concerning this issue. We love our dear country and have no where to go. Please be warned.

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