How musician are making cool money

As a musician all what you need to focus on are list below

1. To start a music first think about how millions of people will locate and listing to your song and  this can be done in so many way. Create Facebook account, Instagram, twinter, and some other social media. With all this social media you will see so many people that love your song and become you fans.

2. Find way to sell and distribute your song all over the world.

      How to make money with your     music

1.Selling your music online with the help of Songcast, tuncore, distro kid and ditto music. With all this music distribution, you will make many amout of money.I will explain four distribution website one by one

First one (song cast)

Songcast was a music distribution and it was establish view years ago with millions of artist. It easy to use for upcoming artist. For single music artist will pay $9 for album artist will pay $19 for distribution and artist will keep %100 of royalties. It always pay artist there royalties every month with no delay.

Second one (tuncore)

Tuncore was a music distribution website like song cast, it usually pay artist there royalties, so many artist had making billons of money with the help of all this online music distribution

Third and the last (Distro kid and ditto music)

Both are online music distribution and they usually pay there artist all royalties...

2.Create a YouTube account upload your music so that your fans will be able to view your music in YouTube, the more viewer you get from your music the money money you will get. Promote you YouTube link to get many subscriber 

3. Advertise your music on radio, television, e.t.c. to make your fans locate your show, party, e.t.c.





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