How Kenyan Radio Stations are Stealing from innocent Kenyan Listeners.

Yes, we are in 2020 but believe you me, a majority of Kenyans still listen to radio stations. Actually, a majority 70% of Kenyans, do listen to FM stations.


It's nothing to surprise you if I say that, these stations have shows that are interesting more than what your TV channels can offer.

For instance, Radio Jambo Patanisho show, has a massive fanbase that even if they come up with a 'money making promotion', people will definitely fall victim and subscribe.


However, in a report done by the Daily Nation, the type of promotion has turned out to be a con business. Not mentioning one or two stations, I have personally tried this out.


Last weekend for instance, one Radio station had this question as a promotion. The one who's answer was correct, was to win a sum of sh5000.

The question was, "who was the vice president that died while in office". The presenters then gave out a number, supposedly to be used to send you answer.

I tried answering the question but since I had not recharged my phone airtime, I realised it was scam.

No presenter mentions/ had mentioned that it's not till free when sending these SMS, or that one will get a prompt to subscribe to a premium SMS service.


The misery is the moment you recharge your phone’s airtime, the premium service will deduct some money from your account.

A majority of these listeners for example, are either not Tech savvy or are elderly and or are both. Yes you can unsubscribe from the premium services, but will these unsuspecting other listeners remember to do that?


Don't fall victim. Let your mother's and gukas know the con game. Save a dime.

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