How I Wrote My 2021 Jamb UTME (For The Purpose Of Newbies).

There is this spirit jamb first time candidates have and that is the issue of "anxiety", I see it as a normal thing but here in this article I will tell my experience of my first time writing jamb. The only thing you should go with is confidence take note very important.. 

My paper was set in the morning at about 7a.m and my center is way far from my house,I had know other option but to go I set out very early in the morning at about 5:30a.m and got there exactly the time given to me. One thing that should be in your lifestyle is punctuality it very important. At my arrival, the center was a little bit crowded though everyone was waiting to be screened, after the screening process we were sitting in a classroom, waiting for our seat number to be called before going to the altar, to be sincerely speaking I was scared but as soon as I saw my system which I am to use for my exam I summoned courage and confidence that the little I know should help me. 

This particular paragraph is what I want you to take note of when you're given your system and you were instructed to turn it on and you found out that your system is faulty shout let's the angel's in heaven hear, don't feel shy this is between success and failure, if they don't attend to you go and meet them and tell them the problem you're facing and please note that in every room there is a hidden camera, becareful and focused. You must have heard some people saying they are yet to see their results after others as seen there own, it is of two options it is either the result was seized or it was delayed whatever case it might fall it means something happened during the exam period. 

Take this 5 keys


°Confidence and courage


°Time factor


That's all you need, and also the actual time is 2hrs for the whole subject you're offering the least time you could be given is 1hr 30mins, don't waste much time on a subject, the system is programmed to shut down when your time is due and it might not submit your work. I ought to have tell you this before, I will suggest you submit 2mins before the end of your paper. The time is always at the right top corner of your screen. 

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