How a top crypto trader made 3 times his capital in one month

Good day guys, today I will be teaching you how to make money easily and passively (automatically). So stick through to learn everything step by step.


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I will be teaching you on how to trade cryptocurrency online on an exchange, and we will be using probit exchange to do so.



1. First of all after signing up to a cryptocurrency exchange, I recommend probit exchange- CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP. 

Now you have a cryptocurrency exchange account and I believe you have funded it for trade (probit minimum for trade is just $1)


 2. The basic thing about trading cryptocurrency is very simple, I know experts and pros will make it look like hell or high water, it is but with this way I will be teaching you, as a beginner its just basically BUYING LESS AND SELLING MORE. That's basically what everything is about, even in everyday life. They make it seem as though you will need to be able to predict crypto market, you can't do that just learning and looking at charts, but with practice.


You may lose at first or even all through, please note that I'm not promising success but will just be showing you all I did to make 3x my capital in a month trading part-time every day.

 3. Trade only currencies you trust and risk for the ones you don't trust but know they have potential. Trading things like bitcoin, tron, ethereum etc that you know if they fall they will rise again, avoiding the crazy coins that will give you 100x then take 100x more, these are ponzi schemes with no future plan or maybe with a future plan but bad audience and investors that just want to cashout and run. More on how to differentiate that later.


 4. Take calculated risks. Taking risks is necessary in crypto trading but know that there is a difference between calculated risk and gambling, between instinct and greed. Also very importantly know when to pull out, not all dips or losses are temporary sometimes it may be permanent do know when to retreat and lick your wounds rather than to get wrecked.


 5. Always keep learning. No matter how much you seemingly know, be always ready to learn more. You can watch YouTube videos, read articles and also take Udemy courses, I recommend "Learn cryptocurrency trading like a pro". It contains over 20 courses and live practical training sessions. You can use the code FREECRYPTOTRADING01 to get a discount.

 6. Pray, follow your instinct and most importantly trust and follow God. All I have gotten trading I owe it to God, cos regardless of my experience and knowledge, its all God.


Thanks so much for your time, remember to join my telegram channel for money making opportunities and crypto airdrops. Also CLICK HERE TO GET THE HOW TO TRADE CRYPTOCURRENCY UDEMY COURSE, and use FREECRYPTOTRADING01 for a discount.

Stay safe.


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