House of Representatives advise FG to postpone school resumption to in the next 3 months

Federal Government has been advised by the House of Representatives to postpone resumption of school till in the next three months time.

According to the house, majority of the state has stopped following all the safety measure put in place in other to reduce the spread of the disease.

The house said, now that the spreading rate of the  infection is very high students should be allow to stay at home with their parents to allow the schools prepare very well by having all the necessary requirements listed by the government.

“People no longer wear facemasks or use sanitisers. Public enlightenment campaigns have more or less stopped. Merely saying they would adhere to the protocols is no guarantee. In rural areas, the situation is worse".

The Committee believes that if these and other critical steps are not taken, there should be a postponement by three months to enable the local and state governments put things in place adequately.

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Omiri elijah - Jan 18, 2021, 7:09 PM - Add Reply

We always hope on God oo

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