Grow big muscle within two weeks

You spend most of your time in the gym but your muscles ain't growing big. There are several things that one has to consider to ensure that the muscles grow bigger and strong. The following are simple ways to facilitate the growth of your muscles;

1. Enough sleep. If you are the type of a person who trains for long hours without resting, then you are preventing your muscles from growing bigger. After working out you have to create time for you to rest. The best way a person can rest is through sleeping.

2. Lift heavy. Your muscles are small because you concentrate more on the light weight than the heavy weight. The light weight basically tones your body muscles or rather they help to define your muscles. When you do more lifting of light weight you end up having developed muscles but smaller in size. For you to make them bigger ensure you lift heavy. The heavy weight stretches the muscles maximumly thus they keep expanding as they grow.

3.A day off. This means you need to have a resting day per week. You can decide on a day that is suitable for you to relax. A day off helps the muscles to heal from the stretching and also it's important for there growth.

4. Supplements. In this case we categorize them into creatine, whey and any other that you might heard of. The supplements are simply refined proteins which do not need the whole process of digestion before they become useful to the body. They are directly absorbed and become useful. You have to choose on the supplement that will not cause harm to your body. 

5. Train more on the bigger muscles. Bigger muscles are the back, legs and the arms. Combine both light and heavy weight for maximum muscle growth.




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