GramFree Tricks Review How To Earn Scam or Legit

I earn ten thousand dollars for a new project called GramFree  , GramFree is a legit and it is also a very powerful website that will  pays you money without investment;


the currency exchange is called grams and for one gram is equivalent to two dollars.


As l said before gramfree will pay you money without you investing and they are easy tasks you can do in other to earn money on GramFree without investing money.



To earn on GramFree free you need to do the following.......  

1; rolling free roll :gramfree will pay you of roll and the minimum they pay is 0.1 gram,to roll click on the 3 dot at the upper left hand of the page and click on free.


2; signing smart contract : you can also earn money from gramfree by signing smart contract for each contract you sign you will earn 0.3 gram or 0.7 gram if you sign a risky contract.


3; watching videos: GramFree also pay it's user for watching videos on it's website , GramFree will give you five videos a day where you will earn 0.1 gram for each of them.

4; play lottery: gramfree will pay you money for play lottery what you need to do is to buy tickets.

To start earn copy these link :

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