Google is making Wifi more interesting

WifiNanScan application allows accurate distance measurement between two phones up to 15 meters, and is the basis for developing many interesting features on the Wi-Fi Aware platform.

The BGR page on March 22 reported that Google has just released an application that works based on Wi-Fi Although this new technology has not really provided any useful features, this move shows that Google is actively working to Bringing all wireless technology into smartphones.

The new feature, called WifiNanScan, works similarly to Bluetooth, but at a longer distance. The app can use Wi-Fi to measure the distance between two phones within 15 meters and within 1 meter.

Wi-Fi Aware, or Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN), is a protocol that allows phones running Android 8.0 and up to find and interact with other digital devices. The devices are directly connected to each other without the need for Wi-Fi or GPS.

Wi-Fi Aware is possible from as simple as connecting with people nearby to play games, finding friends at a concert, to advanced purposes like securely connecting to a printer without the need to. Log on to the Internet or make a reservation at a restaurant.

Thanks to WifiNanScan, Google hopes the app will be able to automatically mark the time of school registration, attendance or airport check-in with a digital ID, sent to authorities over the network. cord.

Additionally, Wi-Fi Aware can even be used to develop self-driving car technology, allowing vehicles to recognize other surrounding devices and automatically exchange information such as GPS coordinates, altitude , direction and owner ID.

In the future, Google will incorporate other Wi-Fi experiments to create new features for smartphones and smart devices, based on Wi-Fi Aware.

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