Going Out On A First Date?; Please, appear NOT Like This (for guys only)

Very many men do not seems to realise that ladies do take note of men's appearances in general,let alone their own.

We are now going to take a look at 7 'DON'T in the dress pattern/combinations that ladies tends to dislike in men that do not seem to give room for a possible continuity in dating,as first impression,they say,matters a lot.

They are as follows;

1) Wearing of suspenders along side with belt: It is old fashioned to put on a suspender and yet a belt,as we are in modern days. You will be viewed as old fashioned.

2) wearing different colour of shoes and belt: You are not expected to this. Rather, same colour of shoes and belt is ideal and more fashionable.

3) wearing an unkept beard/hair: you are supposed to get a hair-cut and a clean shave, as it makes you look handsome and smart.

4) Wearing an offensive smell: Coming on a date with a fowl smell is a complete turn off fir a lady,particularly on a first date. Remember you are to make a first impression,you need to smell good by having a good bath applying roll-on and perfume, for ladies are very sensitive to offensive smell.

5) wearing low-waist pant/trousers : This can be perceived by most girls as childish and seen also that a guy is not responsible and un-serious.

6) Traditional attire top on a plane trouser/pant :This is obviously not fashionable to combine,as such does not say well of your dress sense.

7) wearing a face-cap on a tradional attire: For crying out loud,we not in the 18th century.This combination is very wrong and will definitely turn a girl off.



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Elisha - Nov 25, 2020, 5:59 AM - Add Reply

Nice one

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