Get Free N200 Airtime and N30,000 From Palmpay App

We will be discussing about an app called Palmpay.
It is a banking app like Opay. You can send and receive money with the app, pay for bills, buy airtime and do alot of other payments on the app

*Note you can download the Palmpay app on play store now but do not open or launch the app yet because you will lose your earnings*

Palmpay has taken a strategy by giving new members who registers using an existing user link a token of 250N or 200N airtime and N30,000 cash to share.

Not only these two ways are available in which palmpay reward their users, but we are discussing mainly on these two ways to earn money from the app.

So to get your free airtime:
• Click on
• Click on give a hand
• Click on Claim awoof money


• Enter the phone number you will like to use
• Go to play store and download the palmpay app then install it

• Open the app and sign up using the phone number you entered in the website
• After registration, don't do anything yet.

The next thing you will do will be posted in the below screenshot guide.


Now after the above process has been completed,

do the following to claim the N200 airtime
• In the app click on awoof money

• Then click on the circled part

And you will see the amount of awoof money you were given in the blue circled part.


If you see N200, just click on top up airtime and buy airtime of N200. Minimum of awoof money you can see there is N100, so just recharge any amount you see in the awoof section.

If you're interested in claiming the N30,000 cash follow the following steps.
(1) Click on awoof money in the app home.

(2) After that click on give and earn
Then click on share link and copy your link and share it with people and you get a

commission for each person who registers through your link
But before you can withdraw, your referrals must verify their name the same way you verified your.

When you refer someone today, the earnings reflect in your wallet tomorrow and you can transfer it to any bank account.

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