USA : George Koh Turn his friend to Frog out of jealousy

George Koh model from Louis Vuitton kills his friend out of jealousy. George 24 and Harry 25 started arguing through social media.

George was jealous of Harry who had just signed a contract with the "Premier Model Management" agency.


he had recently posed for the American magazine GQ and also for Zara.

Not to mention that he had also just landed a role in the cinema.


After bickering on social media, the two decided to settle their differences in person.

George told Harry he slept with his current girlfriend after a photoshoot in Los Angeles.


The two men crossed paths in London. Surveillance cameras show George and his friends chasing Harry down the street.

young Harry was stabbed three times and died on the sidewalk outside his house.

George Koh was convicted of murder, his friends as well

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