Game to Play and earn Bitcoin free every time is rather unknown due to the fact that its rather new as far as faucets are concerned. Including a provably fair dice game as well as a 1hr wait time faucet. Their dice game is provably fair give it a look for your self:


This fairness however exceeds the dice game to encompass all of their games offered.

Their level system is tied to the bet placed in the games. Though the users need not deposit anything to advance the faucet that pays users satoshi every hour is sufficient to bet and therefore level up.

As you can see I'm already iron level from just that using their faucet to bet on the dice game. If it's a mater of how much is bet by the player to level up than it is simple math to level up. Though the other games are more fun you can bet on a 50/50 odds for quite a while if not for ever.

So give a try

Anyone interested that has not already using their service please consider signing up here:

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