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During the covid-19 pandemic people had to stay indoors with nothing to do,so some people options is to play some games,

on console or mobile,so games that were not trending are now trending, let's look at so of this trending games.


1. Among us

   Among us is a game of teamwork and betrayal. You can play as a crewmate or an imposter.



As a crewmate your job is to complete task and find out who is the imposter,and also try to stay alive. You can know an imposter if he/she is acting weird. If you die you become a ghost.



Your job is to kill all crewmates or sabotage the ship. You have to blend in with the crew and pretend to do task and kill of all crew.



Players can call for ermangency meeting to give info about the imposter,but the imposter will blame it on one of the crew,you have to defend yourself. If voted out you will ejected out of the ship.


  The crazy thing about this game is 2018,and now it is treanding,download 72mb.



2. Pubg mobile

It is an online multiplayer battle royale,you play in a sand box with your team mates and try to be the last man standing.

They are different events and maps. You can download it on google play store.


3. Brawl star.

It is a multiplayer and moba game,you and your team enter a lobby and brawl to win. There are three modes, straight brawl mode, crystal mode,hiest mode and bounty mode. It is also like a clash royale,the game is really fun I recommend you to download it.




4.Genshin Impact

  Genshin Impact was an unexpected release this September. It’s a mix of  action RPG and also a gacha element to it.

This game as an open world aspects to it,the graphics are awesome and mechanics are also awesome. It is available on ps4,pc and mobile. I recommend this game to you.

 of duty mobile

This is a an online multiplayer player video game released on October 1 2019 and was download by a lot of people.

The game has a lot a playable character,maps and weapons,also has a zombie mode. I recommend this game it is available on google play store.



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