Five most dangerous city you must not visit when Travelling Number 5 Will Surprise You

5 dangerous city you must avoid



After working all year and without getting rest,most of us always take vacation to nice countries without ever looking at the history and the state of the countries there are going to be spending quality time.


Here are a list of the most dangerous and unsafe place in the world

1) San Pedro sula(Honduras)

San Pedro is a city located in Honduras,and Honduras is a country located in southern America.


San Pedro sula Is the most unsafe city in the world,with a homicide of 111.03 per 100,000 resident.


2) Caracas ( Venezuela)

Venezuela is also a city located in the Southern part of America,and Caracas is a city located in Venezuela,it is the capital of the country .

It is one of the unsafe place to travel to,it has recorded 119.87 homicides per 100,000 resident.



3) palmira( Columbia)

Columbia is a southern America country,it has one of the most dangerous city in the world called palmira, palmira has a homicide count of 70.88 homicide per 100,000 resident

4) Valencia (Venezuela)

Valencia is a city located in Venezuela,it's is an unsafe country with lots of unsafe cities in it

Valencia is a homicides death toll of 72.31 per 100,000 resident

5) Cape Town (South Africa)

If you're ever going to South Africa for business trip or vacation,you can visit johnnesburg or other part of the city.


But don't go to cape Town unless off course you have police excourts 

Cape Town has an homicide count of 65.03 per 100,000 resident


Those are the cities you should avoid going to when visiting their countries

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