#Endsars: What to do if internet is shutdown in Nigeria

The end Sars movement in Nigeria seems to be taken a very dramatic turn, with what began as a peaceful protest now degenerating into a violent situation.


The situation in the country calls for a serious attention domestically and internationally. 

On the 20th of October 2020, none less than 9 protesters were killed at the Lekki protest ground,

prior to the unfortunate scenerio some government officials were accused of dismantling the cctv camera in the area.


From the foregoing, if the situation remains violent the government may decide to shut down the internet services across the country bringing about a total lock down for the country. 

However, just in case that becomes the situation of things, you can still access the internet with the listed alternatives below. 

1.You can download a VPN and we have a lot of them like Cyber Ghost, NORD VPN, TUNNELBEAR, etc.

It can serve as an alternative internet server connection in case of any eventualities leading to a shut down of the internet in the country.




Android phones


Note: that this drains battery cell faster so you can source for means of keeping your battery full at all times. 

2. You can choose to give your social Media password to any person you trust outside the country to help make a tweet in case they do not hear from you. And thereby inform the world of your plight.

3. The third alternative, you can download Firechat app, the app enables you to communicate over Bluetooth,

it however only works if many users are involved. The apps becomes an automatic cell tower which provides network access when many people use it.

So keep this information in mind and do not forget to share to enable others benefit from it. 

We pray for a peaceful and prosperous Nigeria. 

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