#Endsars: tinubu's son beaten and kidnapped in London!!!

Tinubu's son kidnapped.

  Former Lagos State government tinubu has been in trollings of recent after it was believed he sponsored the killings that took place in Lagos,

while protesters continue their protest on the government there are some hoodlumbs taking incredible actions against the government as it is now a war going on in the country and it is now leading to a revolution.


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The issues went out of hand when the government ordered for the killings of peaceful protesters who are fighting for their rights in the country,

many lives have been lost, many heroes have fallen after peacefully protesting for a change in Nigeria,

it has now become a blood for blood fight in the country as hoodlums are all out of the streets burning down police stations in the nation

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politicians are currently fleeing from the country as former president of Nigeria Olusegun obasanjo was captured in a video

as the 86 year old was running to catch up a jet flight to take him out of the country and amongst the politicians is Lagos state's Bola

Tinubu who has lost several of his companies in Lagos after his TVC broadcast was burnt down including cars and houses.

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But it's all become worse after Tinubu ran out of the country and was caught in france, his son seyi Tinubu was heavily beaten and kidnapped in London by protesters over there in England,

video of his sons beating has been released on the net as he received a couple of slaps and hits before  been brutally hijacked by an

unknown group of guys in public and he has been held ransom in London the capital city of England.


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