#Endsars protest: obasanjo captured on a video running away from the country

Obasanjo captured running away from Nigeria.

  As the killings in Nigeria continues to be heating up some top politicians in the country are currently running away

to hide their evil heads as most of those run away politicians are believed to have gotten a hand in the killings that is currently going on in the country.

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Former Nigerian president olusegun obasanjo was captured in a video as he was running to catch a jet flight and run away from the country as he tries to protect his life,

protesters are all over politicians right now as they are currently attacking the properties of

the cruel politicians that the country has and several of them are reported to be traveling out of the country for safety purposes.

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 The protest is becoming an internal war in the country has citizens have proved that

they will not stop and they are now ready to fight the government to the death as they are no longer willing to endure the bad governance in the country,

the Nigerian government are still proving stubborn and are not prepared to adhere to the human rights of the citizen,

the government as long been abusing the rights of citizens in the country and it's been years now that the citizens has endured the bad governance.

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A revolution is now in place in the country has citizens are requesting for every of their right to be restored, the likes of good electricity, employment rate etc,

some politicians are now deserting the country after most of their properties where set ablaze including properties,

companies, cars and houses and protesters are ready fight until the government listens to them and stop the killings.


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