#Endsars: police stations burnt, public and private property destroyed in Aba, Onitsha and Enugu

The Nigeria government has scored into it's own net with the killing of innocent protesters at Lekki toll gate, Lagos State, Nigeria. It is said that for every action, there must be an equal and opposite reaction.

The action of the government has turned angry youths against the military and the police.

To show their grievances, youths in Aba, Onitsha and Enugu went about today burning police stations and killing any police man or soldier who opposed them. 

Apart from burning police stations, the youths have destroyed many public and private property.

In Aba, they burnt down First Bank branch at Ngwa road axis of Aba among other property destroyed.

The adoration ministry Enugu Nigeria was burnt. This is because the founder of the ministry Reverend Father Camillus Ejike Mbaka who was so much believed in by the youths gave a prophecy in 2015 that President Buhari is a saviour to Nigeria.

This led people to massively vote for the president whose tenure can best be described by the average Nigerian as a Nightmare.

In Onitsha, the 3-3 police station and the Ogidi police station are in blazes at the moment.

These youths who could not be stopped by live bullets from the police vandalized the police station chasing away the policemen before setting the police station on fire. 

The governor of Anambra State Dr. Willie Obiano visited the scene but was helpless as he had no choice to leave when he could not stop the angry youths. 

The destruction of property by the youths was not bargained at the inception of the protest.

If only the government did not use violence on them, these actions could have been avoided.

As at the moment, many politicians in Nigeria are on the run and many policemen have stopped wearing their uniforms to avoid being killed by the angry youths. 

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