#Endsars no longer a protest! It's now a revolution!!!

A Revolution is taking place in Nigeria.

  The ongoing protest against bad governance in Nigeria is bringing up a great heat in the nation as several civilians are prepared and already making it a revolution in the nation.


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The well known Nigerian flag green and white representing peace and unity has been nothing but a metaphor been used in the nation as there

has never been a time of peace and unity record in the country and it's beginning to show its true nature to civilians, the masses began with

a peaceful protest and the government completely violated there freedom of speech by killing harmless protesters in the nation and in so doing

it is confirmed that the protesters are now giving a fight for right of freedom of speech as the government are still claiming deft ears to the masses,

the nation is now in internal war as citizens wait for the intervention of UN ( United Nations ) after the 30days of the protest has been reached then and only then will they intervene.

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It is reported that the United Nations are will interven as they usually do when any protest against the government is up to thirty days,

the ongoing killings has been tragic with individuals outside the country also protesting in favour of the citizens

in Nigeria also Nigerians in other countries has also joined the protest to fight against bad governance in the nation and despite the placement of curfews

in several states in the nation the protesters have not stop fighting against the

government and are still in the streets as they are said to be tired for the bad governance that is ongoing in the country right now.


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