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Master Godwin  invites you to PalmPay, register and login to PalmPay to earn new user rewards use this link QrCode=Z0P4CV&code=0234&scene=PalmPay&channelName=referrer-normal-invitation 

Today I am going to show you how you can make up to 40,000 Naira like me directly into your bank account.

And do you know the good thing about this? Registration is totally FREE,and you get to earn conveniently from the comfort of your home.

Even though this app works mostly in Nigeria,you can use it from any African country. And there is no limitation to the amount you can earn daily.

All you have to do is to download this app,perform the day-to-day actions you normally do for free and get rewarded.

So,let's get down to the main business.

Here is all you need to do.

Download the mobile app I am about to share with you,during registration,apply my invitation code and get 200 Naira free as a welcome bonus.

See pictorial image below.

Master Godwin  invites you to PalmPay, register and login to PalmPay to earn new user rewards

After downloading the app,copy and paste my referral link into the space shown below. Here is my referral link "Z0P4CV"

Note,you have to input a referral code so that you can get your welcome bonus of 200 Naira.

After this,move over to your dashboard and top up your balance with a small amount like 100 Naira,which you will use to either purchase data or airtime,or even do other subscription.

To top up your balance,follow these steps using the below images.



After topping up your balance,proceed to buy either airtime or data bundle worth of at least 100 Naira. See image below for better understanding. 


Before we go on,have a look at my available balance to convince you


As you can see,I have a whopping sum of 40,000 Naira. And you can make this amount easily. All you have to is spend a little amount in the app(like 100 Naira) and purchase either airtime or data bundle. And don't forget to input your referral link to get your welcome bonus. Here is my referral link," Z0P4CV ".

To download the app, simply click on this link below.


The name of this app is called PalmPay. You can also get it in the Google play store for FREE.

You get to earn points called palm points which you can redeem for airtime and data.

You also get palm points when you send or receive money.

You also get 300 palm points which is equivalent to 300 Naira when you invite a friend,and your friend in turn gets 200 Naira(after topping his available balance and purchasing a data plan)

So download the app and start making cool cash. Don't forget your referral code ", Z0P4CV ".

If you have any questions,drop it below and I attend to you.


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