Do You Want To Know How Successful You Are In Life ?

Do You Want To Know How Successful You Are In Life ?

This is the greatest one in million question that even the professor in business administration in Nigeria cannot readily provide the answer.

Success is one universal language that every one craves deeply to speak audibly. Most people feel they have arrived by the amount of physical cash they possess in their numerous bank accounts in Nigeria.

Others measure success by the nature of investment and business returns they have on daily basis.

Majority, if not all rich men today boast to have succeeded in life simply because of their chains of businesses scattered all over major cities in Nigeria.

Wealth which is never questioned but celebrated can never be a barometer to measuring success in today's world.

Landed properties and fleets of technologically enhanced automobiles are indeed good to have, but they are in no way calculated as success in life.

Academic acquisition of the highest level can also be seen as a beffiting achievement in life and yet cannot be called success in life.

Political power and influencei are also huge aspect of success desire , but they are in no way close to successful life even when they are achieved.

I know vividly clear that at this point of my suspense elaboration you are very anxious to find out what am really talking about.

No self acclaimed successful man will believe the contents of my writing until he patiently glides through the rest of the article.

Professionals in so many different Fields of endeavor might see this as a mockery to them over their hard earned achievements in life ,

yet I still insist that what ever they had actualized in the course of pursuing their dreams, is not success at all ,rather road to success. Now it's time to unveil this mystery of successful life to my highly esteemed readers.

When Is Someone Said To Be Successful In Life ?

A man's success in life is only measured by the number of people that smile because of him. I mean the number of people that his benevolent act puts back smiles on their faces.

Therefore , you are only successful in life when your achievements in life is shared among people whom you are better than.

That alone is the only barometer to measuring success in life. If you want to become successful today , look for people you are better than and change their living standard.

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